Easy Semiya Paayasam

Paayasam is the very tasty Indian dessert.Vermicelli paayasam is the dessert that is made by using the roasted vermicelli ,milk and roasted nuts.It is also called sweet vermicelli pudding.In paayasam vermicelli paayasam is the very tasty and easy paayasam.It is required only five to ten minutes to preparing.It is a timeless recipe.We can prepared it by using any type of vermicelli.But roasted vermicelli is more suitable for this paayasam.We can add soaked saga to the vermicelli paayasam.It is more special and good taste.Add the soaked saga when milk comes to boil.It is an optional thing.Here we don’t add the soaked saga to the paayasam.Here we included the ingredients and preparation of the vermicelli paayasam.


Roasted vermicelli-200 g
Milk-1 liter
Condensed milk-1 cup
Sugar-As required to your taste
Cashew nuts-As required
Raisins-As required
Cardamom powder-1 tea spoon
Water-As required to cook vermicelli
Ghee-3 to 4 table spoon

First we want to heat a heavy bottom vessel and add three or four table spoon of ghee to it.Allow it to heat well.Then add the cashew nuts to it.Roast it well till it becomes golden brown in color.Then remove it from the ghee.Then add the raisins to the same ghee .Roast it also.Then remove it from the ghee.Then add the roasted vermicelli to it.Roast it for two minutes in a medium flame.Then add little water to it.Allow the vermicelli to soft.Then add the one litter milk to it.Also add the one cup of condensed milk to it.Stir it well.Then allow the milk to boil in a high flame.Add the required sugar to it.Once milk is completely boiled add the cardamom powder to it.Stir it again.Then switch off the flame and add the roasted cashew nuts and raisins to it.Mix it well.Now our tasty semiya paayasam is ready to serve.Serve it as hot or cool.

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