Home Made Mango Pudding



Mango-1 (for garnishing)

Milk-1 cup

Sugar-1 cup

Condensed milk-1/2 cup

Gelatin-1 packet

Dates-5(for garnishing)


Cut the mango into small pieces.Take a blender and add chopped mango ,milk and sugar.Blend it well till it become smooth paste.Pour the juice into a mixing bowl.Add condensed milk to it.Stir it to mix.

Then take gelatin in a bowl.Pour boiled water. Disolve it by continues stirring.Transfer the disolved gelatin into the mixing bowl.Stir it to mix.Then pour the mixture into serving cups.Garnish by using mango and dates.It refrigerate about 2 hrs .

Now our tasty delicious mango pudding is ready to serve……