Homemade Kulfi

Kulfi is the very famous Indian ice cream.It is the very tasty ice cream.We can make Kulfi with pistachio and almonds or plain .When we add the pistachio ,it is a pistachio kulfi.Almonds added kulfi is the almond kulfi.We add saffron to the kulfi .It gives a lite yellow color to the kulfi.It is in optional thing.It is very easy to make in your home. I take all ingredients using a measurement cup.It  gives a correct consistancy for the kulfi.Here we included the ingredients and preparation of the traditional Indian ice cream kulfi


Milk- 1/2  liter(2 3/4 cup )
Milk powder-1/2 cup
Sugar -2 table spoon
Condensed milk-3/4 cup
Corn flour-1 table spoon
Cardamom powder-1 tea spoon
Pistachio-1/4 cup

First we take a heavy bottom pan and add 1/2 liter of milk,1/2 cup of milk powder,two table spoon of sugar and 3/4 cup of condensed milk.Mix it gently using a spoon.We need to all milk powder and sugar is completely dissolves in milk.And then put it in a stove and switch on the flame.Boil the milk in a high flame.Stir it well.Once it is starts to boil put the flame to very low flame.And cook it for 20 minutes.After 20 minutes we can see the milk is little thickened.Then We want to add corn flour.For this take one table spoon of corn flour in a bowl and add little milk to it.Mix it gently .Then pour it into the milk .Then put the flame to high flame.Stir it continuously  for five minutes.Then add cardamom powder and pistachio.Mix it well for two minutes.Then switch off the flame.And allow it to cool well in a room temperature .And then pour it into the steel glass and kulfi mold.Place it in a refrigerator and freeze it for 6 hours.Then remove it from the steel glass and mold and Serve it

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