Sugar-4 teaspoon

Gee-3 teaspoon

Cashew nut



Chop two medium sized banana into small pieces. Take a pan and heat 1 teaspoon of gee in a pan.Then add chopped banana to it. After for 5 minutes.Add a little sugar to it.When banana become brown colour turn off the flame.add 3 cracked eggs to a bowl.Add 4 teaspoon of sugar to it,stir it well.Add  this to  cooked banana.And mix well.. pour the egg banana mixture to   2 teaspoon of hot gee in a pan with low flame.Close with a lid and cook for 2-3 mins in a medium flame.Then sprinkle some raisins and cashew nuts on the top of it.Then reduce the flame and cook it for 10 mins.Then cook the other side for another 8 mins in a very low flame.Now our tasty ‘Kai Pola’ is ready to serve.