Malabar Koylapees

Koylapees is the malabar authenticated tea snack.It is sweet tea snack.

It is an easy and tasty tea snack.It is prepared by using biriyani rice and coconut milk.Here we included the ingredients and preparation of the malabar koylapees.

Biriyani rice-1 cup(soaked biriyani rice)
Coconut milk-2 1/2 cup
Sugar-6 table spoon(we can change the quantity in order to your taste)
Cardamom powder-2 pinch
Salt-1/2 tea spoon
Ghee-For greasing the steel vessel.
Green food color-1 pinch
Yellow food color-1 pinch

It is prepared by steaming the batter.For making the batter first we want to soak the biriyani rice for one hour.Then take a blender and add one cup of soaked biriyani rice ,2 1/2 cups of thick coconut milk,six table spoon of sugar,1/2 tea spoon of salt ,cardamom powder and one egg.Blend it well till it becomes a smooth batter.Then take it in three bowl.In one bowl add green food color.Mix it gently.In second bowl add yellow food color .Mix it well.Third is used as a white batter.Then heat a steamer and grease the steel vessel with ghee.Place it in a steamer.Then pour the green colored batter to it.Close the lid of steamer and steam it for five minutes.After five minutes open the lid of steamer(Now our first layer is set).And pour the whit colored  batter o top of first layer.Then gain close the lid of steamer and steam it also for five minutes.After five minutes open the lid and pour the third batter(yellow batter).Close the lid of steamer and steam it for five to six minutes.(we can prepared it in any number of layers to you want)Open the lid of steamer and remove it from the steamer.Allow it cool in a room temperature.Then cut it in any shape you want.It is a timeless tea snack .So you must try this recipe in your home.