Naadan spicy Fish fry

It is the tasty and spicy fish fry.We can fry fishes in different method.Here we fry the fish in a very special method.It is a very good combination of the rice.Here we fry the  large size”ayakkora”.It is cut into small pieces and fry it easily.We can use any fish like aavoli,choora ,neimeen etc.Here we included the ingredients and preparation of the naadan fish fry.


King Fish(ayakoora)-500 g
Ginger,garlic and green chilly paste-1 1/2 table spoon
(green chilly-4 numbers,garlic-7 cloves,ginger-one small piece)
Turmeric powder-3/4 tea spoon
Black pepper powder-1 table spoon
Red chilly powder-2 table spoon
White vinegar-1 tea spoon
Salt -As required
Curry leaves -As required
Coconut oil-As required to fry the fish

First we want to take the fish and cut it into small pieces.Wash and clean it well.Then take the fish in a large bowl.To this add one and half table spoon of ginger,garlic and green chilly paste,3/4 tea spoon of turmeric powder,One table spoon of black pepper powder,One tea spoon of white vinegar,required salt,two table spoon of red chilly powder(i use kashmeeri red chilly powder.It is less spicy and rich in red color) and curry leaves.Mix it gently by using your hand.Rest it for minimum 30 mins.After 30 minutes we want to fry it.For this take a pan and heat it well.Then add required oil(i use the coconut oil)to it.Heat it well.Then add the marinated fish to the oil in a high flame.After adding the fish put the flame to medium flame.In medium fry it 5 to 7 minutes.Once one side becomes fried flip to the another side.Fry it also for 5 minutes in a medium flame.When both side becomes well fried remove it from the pan to the kitchen tissue.Then transfer it to the serving plate.And serve it with the rice.It is a very spicy and tasty fish fry.You must try this recipe.

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