Simple Homemade Chocolate

All are like to eat chocolates.In market different varieties of chocolate is available such as chocolate burfi,chocolate fudge,chocolate truffle ,dark chocolate,white chocolate,milk chocolate etc.Here we make the chocolate truffle.It is an easy and tasty chocolate.Chocolate truffle is dipped with ice cream is very tasty.Scoop a ice cream and add the chocolate truffle is very special.Here we use the cocoa powder to make the chocolate truffle.We can use cooking chocolate or any kind of plain chocolate also.We can coat it by using cocoa powder ,chopped almonds or chopped walnuts.Here we don’t use any kind of coatings.We want only three ingredients to make this chocolate.It is a timeless recipe.We can prepare it by different methods.We can make it by using heavy cream ,corn syrup,unsalted butter,brandy and chopped nuts.It is an another way to make the chocolate.We use very easy method .Here we included the ingredients and preparation of the chocolate truffle.


Condensed milk-1/2 tin
Cocoa Powder-1 table spoon
Butter or ghee-1 table spoon

First we want heat a pan and add one table spoon of butter or ghee.Allow it to melt well.Then pour 1/2 tin condensed milk(here we use the home made condensed milk.For making condensed milk take a blender and add 1/2 up of milk powder,1/4 cup of sugar ,1/4 cup of hot water and one table spoon of ghee.Blend it well.Now condensed milk is ready) and one table spoon of cocoa powder to it.Put the flame to low flame .Then mix it continuously until it is separate from the pan .Allow it to dry.Then switch off the flame .And transfer it to a bowl.Allow it to cool in room temperature.After cooling it cover the bowl to a plastic wrap and refrigerate it for one hour.Then we can shape it in any shape you want.Now our tasty and yummy home made chocolate is ready to serve

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