Spicy Bread fry

It is an easy and tasty tea snack prepared by using bread.It is a timeless recipe.It is an evening tea snack.It is a ramzan special tea snack.We make so many snacks using bread.Some of them are spicy and some are sweet.Here we make the spicy one.We make the recipe by dipping a bread in a  spicy batter.We also cover the bread by bread rumbs.We can fry the bread as sweet bread fry .It is also a tasty one.Here we included the ingredients and preparation of the spicy bread fry


For making batter:
Green chilly-2 numbers
Curry leaves-As you required
Black pepper powder-1 tea spoon
Salt-As we required
Other ingredients:
Bread slices –  As you required
Bread crumbs-As you required to cover the bread pieces

First we want to cut the bread pieces into two pieces.Then we want to make a dipping batter.For this take a blender and add chopped onion,chopped tomato,green chilly,pepper powder ,salt and two eggs to the blender.Then blend it well till we get a smooth dipping batter.Then we want to make the bread crumbs.For this take blender and add bread pieces to it.Crush it well as we required .Then we want to fry the bread .For this take two pieces of bread together and dip it into the batter together and cover it with the bread crumbs.Make all bread in this method.Then heat a pan and two table spoon of any oil or ghee.Once the oil is heated put the bread pieces one by one to it.Shallow fry it  till it becomes golden brown in color.Then flip it into the other side.Fry it also till it becomes golden brown in color.Then remove it from the pan.Now our tasty spicy bread fry is ready to serve.It serve hot with the hot tea or serve it  with tomato ketch up.

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